How to activate the display of multi-chain wallet and MINI points, when the mnemonic phrase is forgotten but there is a keystore?

  • If the original account has funds

It is recommended to re-register a wallet to activate the multi-chain wallet and transfer the PCX/XBTC to the new wallet account through ChainX Dapp (Open www.chainx.org for details) , transfer the ETH/USDT to the new wallet account through Metamask Dapp (Open https://metamask.io for details)

  • If the original account has no funds

It is recommended to untie the wallet and re-register a new wallet to activate the multi-chain wallet


  • 若原账户有资金

建议重新注册一个钱包,即可激活多链钱包,并通过ChainX Dapp将旧有资金转移至新钱包账户(详情见www.chainx.org) ,通过metamask将ETH/USDT转移至新钱包(详情见https://metamask.io

  • 若原账户无资金


How to get 6 CID?

  • Those who participated in the internal beta of ComingChat

  • KOL who invited more than 100 people

  • Please always pay attention to follow-up ComingChat community activities

如何获得 6 CID?

  • 前期参与 ComingChat 内测的人员

  • 邀请人数超过 100 人的 KOL

  • 请时刻关注后续ComingChat 社群活动

How to update Coming Chat?

If you have already downloaded and registered for ComingChat, you don’t need to uninstall the old version.

For IOS users:

Go to TestFlight and click “Update” ComingChat to update to the latest version of the application.

For Android users:

Go to the official website to download, click the download button and install the latest version, overwriting the old one.

如何更新 Coming Chat?

如果您已经下载并注册了 ComingChat,无需卸载旧版本。

IOS 苹果系统用户:

前往 TestFlight,点击“更新”ComingChat 即可更新至最新版应用。

Android 安卓系统用户:


What if it shows 'cid register failed'?

  • Try to finish registeration steps in 10 mins.


  • Uninstall and redownload again.

显示 'cid register failed' 怎么办?

  • 再次尝试在 10 分钟内完成注册。


  • 请卸载再次安装软件。


This problem usually occurs because the other party's account has been logged out of the ComingChat system or the CID had been transferred to another person. In this case, we need to wait for the other party to send another message to establish contact before we can chat normally



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