How to add/block friends

Sending a Friend Request for IOS

  • Select "✚" icon from the main screen.

  • Select the user that you want to add as your Friend. You can search by Coming ID, or Scan his QR Code.

Sending a Friend Request for Android

  • Select "✚" icon from the main screen.

  • Enter Coming ID to search friend, or Scan his QR Code to send a friend request.

Accepting a Friend request for IOS and Android

  • Friend Request will show up in main screen automatically.

  • Click [Accept] to the user whose request you want to accept.

Blocking a Friend for IOS and Android

  • If you block another user, messages from the blocked user no longer appear, and some other functions become limited. On the profile screen of the user you want to block, select [Block User].

Unblocking a User for IOS and Android

  • On the private chat screen of the user, select [Unblock] to message and call the blocked user.

Instruction Video

Video for IOS

Video for Android

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