How to register 5-digit CID

Connect the ChainX network in MetaMask
Network Name: chainx-mainnet
Chain ID: 1501
Currency Symbol: PCX
Block Explorer URL:
Open SoSwap and switch to the ChainX network
Transfer PCX from Funding Account to Trading Account in SoSwap
Click the CID registration link
Enter the 5 digits you want and check for availability. The result would be ‘Available’ or ‘Unavailable’ as shown in the image
Click the CID that is ‘Available’ and you would be redirected to the next page as shown below
Increase or decrease the rental tenure by using the (+) or (-) sign and clicking ‘Request to Register
Registering a name requires you to complete 3 steps
1) Request to register
Your wallet will open and you will be asked to confirm the first of two transactions required to register. If the second transaction is not processed within 1 day of the first, you need to start again from step 1.
2) Wait for 1 minute
A waiting period is necessary to ensure that others are not trying to register the same CID and to protect you after your request.
3) Complete Registration
Click ‘Register’ and your wallet will open again. You won’t know if you’ve got the CID until the second deal is confirmed.
Click the User Icon to view your 5-digit registered CID as shown below