What is a safety number and why do I see that it changed?

What is a safety number?

Each Comingchat one-to-one chat has a unique safety number that allows you to verify the security of your messages and calls with specific contacts.

Verification of safety numbers is a good security practice for sensitive communication. If a safety number has been marked as verified, any change must be manually approved before sending a new message.

Why do I see a safety number change alert?

Comingchat advises you whenever a safety number has changed. This allows users to check the privacy of their communication with a contact and helps protect against any attempted man-in-the-middle-attacks.

The most common scenarios where a safety number advisory is displayed are when a contact switches to a new phone or re-installs Comingchat, but these actions don't always result in a safety number change. However, if a safety number changes frequently or unexpectedly it may be a sign that something is wrong.

Why was my message before the safety number change alert not delivered?

Undelivered messages will not be resent after a safety number has changed. Your messages with Comingchat are end-to-end encrypted which is like having locks and keys for each message. When the safety number changes it's as if you have changed the locks and keys for your messages. So, messages that were sent before the safety number change are using the old locks and will not be delivered.

How do I view a safety number?

1. Open a chat with a contact.

3. Select View Safety Number.

How do I verify the safety number with my contact?

The easiest way to compare safety numbers is to scan your contact's QR code while viewing their safety number. You can also visually or audibly compare the numeric code, or use the share icon to copy it to your clipboard. If the safety number is identical then you can be sure that you are communicating with the right person.

How do I manage the verified status of the safety number?

View their safety number and select the switch to change the verified status.

· On Android, tap the Verified switch. When a contact is verified, the slider background turns blue and the switch is on the right.

· On iOS, tap the Mark as Verified or Clear Verification button.

How do I know if a safety number has been marked as verified?

A checkmark will appear in the second page by the click of the chat header profile when the safety number is marked as verified. It will remain verified unless the safety number changes or you manually change the verification status.

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