How to export Keystore with Seed Phrase

For new users who register and download V0.0.3 for the first time, and old users of Android system V0.0.2, you can export the private key through the following Keystore Export function:

  • To export your CID and Coming Wallet Keystore, access to Profile Page and click [Export keystore].

  • Enter the account password when prompted.

For the old users of IOS Apple system V0.0.2, due to compatibility issues, they need to re-import the Keystore on the NFTs interface or log out of the account and log in to ComingChat again to enable the Keystore Export function.

If you lose the Keystore and cannot retrieve it in ComingChat, you can retrieve the private key through the following methods:

Step 1: Download the Polkadot js extension

  • Select [Import account from pre-existing seed]

  • Enter existing Seed Phrase to Import account

  • Select account and click [Export Account]