How to import/ unbond the wallet

Creating Your New Wallet

For ComingChat V0.0.5, ComingChat Tokens Wallet accepts ETH, USDT, Mini Credits, PCX and XBTC.

  • Go to the ComingChat home page, click the personal profile in the top left corner, get to the My Wallet interface and select the Tokens Wallet.

  • Generally, users will automatically get the Coming Wallet. after registering for the Coming Chat account.

  • If you do not have Coming Wallet, click [Register new wallet]-to register for a new wallet, arrive (Set transaction password) -Set the Transfer Password interface, set up the wallet transfer password.

  • Finally, you can create a new wallet by filling in the mnemonics.

Import Your Existing Wallet

  • Access to Wallet Page and Click [Unbond].

  • Import existing PCX or ETH mnemonic to bond Coming Wallet

Unbond Your Existing Wallet

On ComingChat V0.0.3 or later, Coming Wallet and CID share a Keystore. You will get Coming Wallet automatically. But you can stil unbond it and change it to PCX or ETH Wallet.

  • Access to Wallet Page and Click [Unbond].

  • Unbund with the wallet in its digital currency.The original digital currency does not disappear, you just log in through the original mnemonic.

Register New Wallet Instruction Video

Video for IOS

Register new wallet

Video for Android

Import Existing Wallet Instruction Video

Video for IOS

Import existing wallet

Video for Android

Unbond Wallet Instruction Picture

Picture for IOS and Android

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