How to transfer CID using web

On our current version, some users might face the issue of NFT transferring due to the huge amount of NFTs.

Normally, we accept users transfer NFT via ComingChat. However, if you have issues transferring NFTs. Please follow the steps:

  1. CLICK HERE to access NFT transfer website

  2. Access to (custom endpoint) and replace the original one with wss://

3. Click [Settings] and enter the following code:

{ "Address": "MultiAddress", "LookupSource": "MultiAddress", "Cid": "u64", "BondType": "u16", "BondData": { "bond_type": "BondType", "data": "Bytes" }, "CidDetails": { "owner": "AccountId", "bonds": "Vec", "card": "Bytes" } }

4. After set up, import the keystore of ComingChat ID

5. Click (Developer) and choose [Extrinsics] to access NFT transfer interface. Change (submit the following extrinsic) to comingNft and transfer(cid, recipient)

6. Enter the CID number needs to be transferred and the CID Address from recipient

Enter CID Address not CID number of recipient

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