How to transfer Mini Points using web

This tutorial is for reference when there is no CID on the Owner Account, but there are still Mini points that need to be transferred

Transfer Mini Points from the Internet

  1. Access to,replace the content of wss to wss://

2. Click [Settings] and access to (developers), enter the code below:

{ "Address": "MultiAddress", "LookupSource": "MultiAddress", "Cid": "u64", "BondType": "u16", "BondData": { "bond_type": "BondType", "data": "Bytes" }, "CidDetails": { "owner": "AccountId", "bonds": "Vec", "card": "Bytes" } }

3. Click [Restore JSON] and import Owner Account keystore to add Owner Account

4. Click [send]

5. Enter the Owner Account address of recipient, and click [Maker Transfer]. After password entered, the transfer is done

Please enter the address of Owner Account, not the CID Number

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